01Developing Czech Gastronomy Together at One Table

Working with active partners, we want to refine the gastronomic industry and its professional standards.

Things to Look Forward to This Month

1 Meetings

Work Groups

2 Podcasts

Professional Foodies

Things to look forward this month?

1 event


2 podcasts

Professional Foodies


Let's together make a better future for gastronomy, the industry we love, the source of our bread and butter.

Restaurants, Cafés, Pubs and Other Operators

Gastronomy is not just restaurants, but also street food, bars, food trucks, catering services and more.

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Gastronomy Suppliers

Farmers, manufacturers, professional kitchen equipment dealers, gastronomic services providers.

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Enthusiasts and Gastronomy Fans

Good food lovers, gastronomes, gourmets, i.e., all foodies who enjoy food, consciously choose what they eat and rejoice in it.

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Company, School, Hospital and Other Institutional Catering

In our lifetime, we consume more than a third of food away from home, being waited on.

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Gastronomy and Hotel Schools

Students and Teachers

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Reasons I Am a Member

“I want to ensure entrepreneurs and suppliers are able to do their business right, employees can give their best, and guests have their dreams come true beyond expectations.”

Filip Sajler

CEO & Chef, Perfect Canteen

“Our generation has a duty to pass on a professional, modern, fair and creative work and business environment appealing to the next generation of young gastronomes.”

Jiří Roith

Owner, Kulinářské umění [Culinary Art]

“I want to be sitting at one table with culinary, business and political leaders, science and technical experts and experienced colleagues from each and every sector of our industry.”

Luboš Kastner

AMSP Czech Republic Board Member

“I would like to encourage all gastronomy lovers not to be afraid of change, professionalism and development of their own companies, institutions, schools and teams.”

Petr Lupínek

Owner, InterGast

“I am a gastronomy enthusiast! I eagerly explore exceptional venues during my travel, and I enthusiastically share my experiences with others on my Gastromapa.”

Lukáš Hejlík

Foodies Ambassador


Available Tools



Main scheduled events with a pre-set agenda.


gastro MONDAYS

Digital events focused on particular topics led by a host.


gastro DATA

Data, statistics and analyses on all things gastronomy.



A digital discussion platform for all members.


gastro KNOW-HOW

Knowledge, recipe, information and fact database

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