01Join Us at Our Table and Become a Part of the Change

We provide gastronomes from all over the Czech Republic with the opportunity to interconnect on a national and international level, establish contacts, learn from each other, and inspire one another.

01. Membership Types

Our Mission

Together at one table, working with active partners we want to refine the gastronomic industry and its professional standards. To promote a professional and creative environment for our members, i.e. employees and entrepreneurs in gastronomy, hotel and gastronomy schools, their teachers and students, as well as stakeholders in the field of institutional catering. An environment promoting vocational training, professional growth and business, catering and study plan implementation.

Developing Czech Gastronomy Together at One Table

Enrolling Options

Personal Membership

You will gain access to the gastro knowledge base, the opportunity to join discussions within the Czech gastronomy forum, access to events of the Czech Gastronomic Institute and premium offers of products and services.

Annual Fee Starting at:

CZK 1,000

Students at CZK 500

Company Membership

You will be able to actively shape the Czech gastronomic market, propose new discussion topics, actively participate in round tables, and promote your company and offer to your customers and potential business partners.

Annual Fee Starting at:

CZK 6,500

Turnover Based

NGOs and Schools

You will gain access to an environment where we realistically solve and advance fundamental issues as well as propose new discussion topics and actively partake in round table discussions.

Annual Fee Starting at:

CZK 2,000


Reasons to Enrol

You will become a part of a strong and prestigious group of professionals with the opportunity to actively influence affairs in your professional field.

You will have priority access to information from both the Czech Republic and foreign countries.

You will get support for your business comprising professional background, valuable contacts and consultations.

Reasons I Am a Member

“I want to ensure entrepreneurs and suppliers are able to do their business right, employees can give their best, and guests have their dreams come true beyond expectations.”

Filip Sajler

CEO & Chef, Perfect Canteen

“Our generation has a duty to pass on a professional, modern, fair and creative work and business environment appealing to the next generation of young gastronomes.”

Jiří Roith

Owner, Kulinářské umění [Culinary Art]

“I want to be sitting at one table with culinary, business and political leaders, science and technical experts and experienced colleagues from each and every sector of our industry.”

Luboš Kastner

AMSP Czech Republic Board Member

“I would like to encourage all gastronomy lovers not to be afraid of change, professionalism and development of their own companies, institutions, schools and teams.”

Petr Lupínek

Owner, InterGast

“I am a gastronomy enthusiast! I eagerly explore exceptional venues during my travel, and I enthusiastically share my experiences with others on my Gastromapa.”

Lukáš Hejlík

Foodies Ambassador